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Malafon Electronic Parts Supply (MEPS) was established in 1980. It has since grown from a very small outfit to an operation with a total work force of about 150 employees. The company specializes in providing electroless nickel plating, passivation, alkaline washing and secondary metal machining operations such as tapping, riveting and chamfering, etc. In 1993, the company’s name was changed to Malafon Electronic Pte Ltd with annual sales revenue of S$ 4 millions. In 1995, the sales revenue hit S$ 5.6 million. In 1996, annual sales revenue increased by 10 % to a figure of S$ 6.2 million. For 1997, the sales revenue was S$ 6.8 millions. In March 1999, Malafon received ISO 9002 certification of approval.

Malafon Electronic operates from 3 HDB terrace workshops in Marsiling Industrial Estate with a floor area of 3600 square meters. She has a team of experienced technologists and electroplaters. The technologists were seconded from an established overseas tertiary institution, which Malafon Electronic has a technology cooperation agreement with.



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